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Quick Itinerary Overview

- Hike on an exceptional mountain Andringitra

- Observation of the magnificent exotic landscape during the trip

- Discovery of Lemurs, the most famous animal of the island.

 - Discovery the culture of Betsileo ethnic of Madagascar

- Relax to the beautiful beaches with sunset in Ifaty


Day 1: Welcome to Ivato Airport Transfer to the hotel.

You will be picked up by an English speaking guide and accompanied to the hotel. After having a long flight, you can relax at the Hôtel Restaurant La Ribaudière Antananarivo, a 4 star Hotel.

Day 2: Antananarivo - Andasibe (140 km ca. 3: 00 H)

After breakfast we drove to the Andasibe National Park. This is the time to finally meet the fauna and flora of the island. The park of Andasibe is also the home of 11 species of lemurs, the largest of which is the Indri-Indri. The park is also the home of several bird, reptile, insect and diadem Sifaka species. The duration of all the excursion will be approx. 5 hours. Overnight in Mantadia Lodge Andasibe, 3 stars Hotel.


The Andasibe Mantadia National Park was founded in 1989 and covers two areas with its 154 km2. Both parts belonged to the same wet forest and were divided into two parts due to human activities. You can discover different flora and fauna in this park, especially what makes Madagascar so unique. In the Andasibe Mantadia National Park orchids, (screw) palms, the heavy precious wood rosewood and the "peeling tree" Vakoana as well as all kinds of endemic colorful flowers grow. Three quarters of the 1200 plant species are found only here in Andasibe Mantadia National Park. Most of the trees bloom all year round. In addition, the small rivers are home to some endemic fish and hundreds of insects, including some exceptionally large and colorful butterflies. The Indri-Indri is the star of the national park. Furthermore, there are day-active (Diadem-Sifaka, Black and White Vari and the Grey Bamboo lemur) as well as night-active lemur species (the small mouse lemur and the Aye Aye (finger animal) as well as the Fossa, the Brown Maki and the Eastern Wool lemur. You will also encounter a variety of birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Day 3: Antananarivo - Ambalavao (459 Km - 9:30 h)

After breakfast you will drive to Ambalavao, where the Betsileo ethnic group lives. On the way you will discover the beautiful green landscape with the architecture of houses, which is so unique. Overnight at the hotel La Varangue Betsileo Ambalavao, 4 star Hotel.

Day 4: Ambalavao - Andringitra (94 km round trip - 4:00h)

After breakfast we will hike to National Parks Andringitra. This is the second highest mountain in Madagascar.with 2.658 m height. We will leave at 7:00h from the hotel. Andringitra National Park is located in the province of Fianarantsoa, 47 km south of Ambalavao and covers a total of about 31,000 hectares. This park is absolutely breathtaking and has very varied landscapes. There you will discover different species of birds, lemurs, catta rays, and other mammals. The hike will take about 7 hours. We will return to the hotel in Ambalavao. The drive there and back will take 4 hours. Overnight at the hotel La Varangue Betsileo Ambalavao, 4 star Hotel.


Because of its indescribable beauty of the impressive mountain massif and the spectacular panorama, the Andringitra massif has been protected since 1927. Even then it was realized that only a few areas on earth have a similarly high biodiversity: More than 100 different species of birds, 13 species of lemurs and about 40 other species of mammals find their home here. The funny looking Kattas populate large parts of the Andringitra National Park. More than 50 frogs’ species live in the protected area and about 1000 plant species from Andringitra are known until today. Its highest peak is Pic Boby. With 2.658 m height it is the second highest mountain on Madagascar. Only since the area was designated a national park in 1999 as part of Madagascar's environmental action plan has there been a significant influx of visitors. The climate varies from humid, tropical conditions in the eastern lowland tropical rainforests to extremely low temperatures at higher altitudes, which can drop to -8°C.

Day 5: Andringitra - Ranomafana

In the morning the adventure continues to Ranomafana. Around 14.00h you will visit the parks. In the national park are chameleons, birds and to find lemurs. They are very much looking forward to the visit.Overnight stay in Ranomafana at Setam Lodge hotel, 4 stars Hotel.


Ranomafana is without doubt one of the most spectacular national parks of Madagascar and together with Isalo and Andasibe N.P. one of the most visited national parks of the island. And 12 species of lemurs are native to the area and, to the delight of the tourists, are particularly easy to observe. A special attraction are the golden bamboo lemurs, some of which are not far from the entrance. There are also other mammals such as 7 species of Tenrecs, carnivorous bats, the Malagasy striped civet and some mongooses in the beautiful Ranomafana National Park.

Day 6: Ranomafana – Ranohira

The journey continues to the village of Saphir. On the way you will discover the beauty of southern Madagascar. On the way you will discover the beautiful Savanna landscape. In Ranohira observation of the sapphire seeker. You will be staying at the Hotel Isalo Rock Lodge directly in the mountains of Isalo. This hotel offers a luxurious environment and many comforts that will make your stay even more pleasant. Overnight at Hotel Isalo Rock Lodge, 4 star Hotel.


Isalo National Park was already designated as such in the 1960s and has been under comprehensive protection ever since. Under the waterfall there is a natural swimming pool Strictly speaking, the park is a Table Mountain range that has risen from the Jurassic Sea over many thousands of years. Now multicolored sediment layers lie in bright daylight and let their fascinating and mysterious play of colors’ shine in the sun. Numerous animals such as lemurs feel at home here and will certainly meet you on your tours.

Day 7: Visite and hiking in Isalo (4:00h)

After breakfast we will continue our journey to an extraordinary landscape. We will hike at Isalo National Park, where the incredible landscape is. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit because we will have a break at the waterfalls. Around midday it will get very hot, so make sure to bring enough water. This hike will take about 4 hours. Afterwards you will relax in the hotel. You will have lunch at the hotel and rest afterwards. Overnight at the Isalo Rock Lodge Hotel, 4 star Hotel.

Day 8: Isalo – Ifaty

After breakfast we continue our journey to the west of the island of Madagascar to the coast at Ifaty. On the way to Toliara you will encounter many adventures and incredible experiences. Ifaty has a good beach for swimming and relaxing. You will discover the beautiful landscape and the life of the Tandroy ethnic group in Madagascar. There is lunch and you wait for the sunset, which is so dreamlike. They are different from Betsileo and Merina. On the way you will have lunch in a restaurant. Overnight at the Hotel Le jardin de l’Isle, standard Hotel.


The beach of Ifaty is blossom white, several kilometers long, very shallow, because an offshore 200 km long coral reef protects this section and transforms the otherwise rough sea here into calm clear water in which bathing and diving is possible without danger, but only at high tide. At low tide the water is too shallow.

Day 9-11: Ifaty

You will enjoy watching the fishermen of the sea relaxing on the quiet coast, plus you can travel a little bit by boat. Overnight at Le jardin de l’Isle, Standard Hotel.

Day 12: Ifaty

After breakfast you will go to Jungle baobab. There you will discover several types of baobab, the largest tree in Madagascar and other exotic plants. This is not so far from Ifaty at about 30 minutes’ drive. You will take the Sarety there, one of the special transports in the village of the island. The excursion will take about 2 hours in total. Lunch will be at the hotel. In the afternoon you will relax on the beach. Overnight at the Hotel Le jardin de l’Isle, 3 star Hotel.


The excursion begins far away from the thorny forest in the coastal road the bizarre thorn forest of big baobabs and aloe Vera plants. The excursion is made on a small safari with a traditional transport Sarety. There are also medicinal tropical plants that are often used.

Day 13: Anakao

Excursion to Anakao beach by boat. You spend the day in the beautiful Paradise. The landscape there is fantastic. Overnight stay at Le Jardin de l´Isle in Ifaty, standard Hotel.


During the colonial period Anakao was a busy fishing port, and this is still the main occupation of the villagers today. Just after dawn every morning you can see the fishermen setting sail and dozens of tiny sails fluttering across the water. Anakao has some beautiful beaches, and off the coast lies Nosy Ve. This tiny island has a white sand coast and is home to hundreds of tropical birds. The reefs off Anakao offer good diving and surfing opportunities. While snorkeling you can see a myriad of fish, including surgeonfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, groupers and rays.

Day 14: End of the dream journey (Toliara-Antananarivo)

You will have breakfast earlier because your flight will leave Toliara earlier. That means you will be transferred to Toliara airport. This trip will take around 45 minutes to the airport. You will fly at 9:00 am and arrive in Antananarivo at 11:30 am. Our guide will be there to assist you from the airport. You will be accompanied to a restaurant for lunch and then back to the airport. If there is enough time, you will have a small round trip to the center with a guide. Afterwards you will be accompanied to the airport. You will fly to Europe.


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