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Quick Itinerary Overview


- Safari Adventure Experience

- Tour with endurance moto (self-ride)

- Explore the surrounding of the famous biggest tree of the island

- Baobab Avenue

- Sleeping in a tent in a safe place with beautiful nature

- Hiking on an extraordinary mountain: the Tsingy of Bemaraha Volcanic Mountains

- Observation of the beautiful exotic landscape during the enduro tour

- Discovery of lemurs, the most famous animals of the island.

- Discovery of fauna and flora like chameleons and other animal and plant species

- Discovery of the culture of the Menabe ethnic group in Madagascar


Day 1: Welcome to the Airport Ivato - Transfer to the Hotel.

You will be taken by an English speaking guide. After a long flight you can relax in Hôtel Restaurant La Ribaudière Antananarivo, 4 star hotel.

Day 2: Antananarivo

This day is scheduled for your arrival. You can use it to familiarize yourself with your surroundings, to settle in at the hotel and also to get to know the other participants.After breakfast the tour guide will accompany you to a place where the motorcycle is located. You will have the opportunity to try on your motorcycle and choose your favorite bikes. In the evening you will be accompanied to the La Ribaudiere Hotel, a 4-star hotel.


You will visit the former Royal Palace Rova of Madagascar. This is one of the famous historical cultures of Madagascar during the colonial period, executed by the monarchs of the Kingdom of Imerina in the 17th and 18th years and the monarchs of the Kingdom of Madagascar in the 19th.It is located at an altitude of 1462 m on the highest elevation of the capital, the Analamanga, and is thus almost 200 m above the quarters of the lower city.

Day 3: Antananarivo - Antsirabe - Miandrivazo (390 km, about 10 hours)

After breakfast we started our journey in Miandrivazo. In total comfort and safety, you will travel the most beautiful roads of Madagascar with your head held high, ready to enjoy each of the 390- kilometers of this sumptuous journey. Arriving in Antsirabe, you can discover the city and get to know the culture of the ethnic group of Vakinankaratra. After lunch in this City, we will continue our enduro tour. Overnight stay Hotel "Princesse Tsiribihina" Miandrivazo, 3-star hotel.


Antsirabe is located 168 km south of Antananarivo. The city and its surroundings are rich in history. The quality of its soils and waters with a high concentration of mineral salts gives it the name Antsirabe, which means "where there is a lot of salt”. It is also called the "city of water", where you can enjoy its baths with their therapeutic virtues. There are three lakes in the area: Tritriva, Andranomafana and Andraikiba


The town is famous for being traditionally inhabited by cattle breeders. Today we will discover an exceptionally beautiful landscape with many mountains. We will take a break during our trip so that you can take good panoramic photos. Discovery of the highlights of central Madagascar with arid areas on the west coast. The west is a dry area, but with often abundant rainfall from December to March. On the way there are beautiful natural and mountain landscapes to discover.

Day 4: Miandrivazo - Morondava (88 km, about 2 Hours)

On these days we explore the surrounding mountain regions together with the arid regions of central Madagascar on the west coast. During the trip you can discover several small villages. The route is on National Road 35 from a distance of 88 km and the trip takes about 2 hours. Overnight stay in Chez Maggie Hotel, 3-star hotel.

Day 5: Visit to the town of Morondava

Today there is no enduro Tour on the program, instead you can choose how you want to organize your day. A lot is possible here, from a relaxing day at the beach to a sightseeing tour of the city.Also during the visit you will have the opportunity to discover the traditional dances of Sakalava de Menabe. Overnight stay at Chez Maggie Hotel, 3-star hotel.


Morondava is a beautiful city to explore, as the beach there is perfect for a nice excursion. All activities like diving, jet-skiing and more are possible in Morondava. The hotel is also very comfortable and can satisfy all the needs of the guests. From Morondava you can reach many communities by a side road.

Day 6: Belo sur Mer (80 km, about 3 hours)

After breakfast we will make an excursion in Belo sur Mer. As on the previous driving days, a lunch break is planned here and during the tour you will see a lot of the varied landscapes of Madagascar. On the way you will enjoy the beauty of the landscape. Once you arrive in Belo sur Mer, you can discover the culture of the village and its inhabitants. There you also have the possibility to go diving. In the evening we will return to Morondava. Overnight stay in Chez Maggie Hotel, 3-star hotel.


Belo sur Mer is located 88 km south of Morondava on the Mozambique Channel. From Morondava it takes about 3 hours by car to reach this village in Vezo. The village with its small houses and huts is situated on the edge of a small lagoon with a beautiful beach. Nine coral-lined offshore islands offer excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities.

Day 7: Baobab Allee - Belo sur Tsiribihina (95 Km about 4 hours)

From this day will be a great adventure for experienced endurists.After breakfast we will drive to Belo sur Tsiribihina. It is 95 km from Morondava and the drive takes about 4 hours.On the way you will discover the Baobab Allee. This baobab tree makes the island unique and special. This will be another experience, because we will sleep in a tent.


The Baobab avenue is a real baobab avenue and has been protected as a "natural monument" only since July 2007. This tree is the largest tree of the island of Madagascar and very famous as a symbol of the island.


The Tsiribihina is a river that flows from the central plateau of Madagascar down to the west coast. A river cruise on the Tsiribihina and a visit to the so-called Tsingy of Bemaraha are highly recommended. This is probably one of the most extraordinary experiences or attractions you will ever find in Madagascar.

Day 8: Tsiribihina River Tour

Today you will drive on the longest river in Madagascar. On the way to discover the dry forest. Under a waterfall there is a nice place to swim for taking a breath from this long way. It is possible that lemurs could be here at this time. They will stay overnight in a tent.

Day 9: Tsiribihina - National Park Belo sur Tsiribihina

The dream journey continues in the national park Belo sur Tsiribihina in the west of Madagascar. Here you can observe typical lemurs. Overnight stay in the hotel Tsingy Lodge, 4-star hotel

Day 10: Drive to Bekopaka

After breakfast we continue to Bekopaka, where the village Adventure is based. On the way you will enjoy the safari with red roads. Overnight stay in the Hotel du Menabe Tsiribihina, 4-star hotel

Day 11: Tsingy of Bemaraha

Finally the exciting moment has come to take the lead of the journey to Tsingy Bemaraha. After breakfast you will cross an incredible variety of landscapes by motorcycle, head up. At each stage you will discover the many natural and cultural riches that Madagascar contains. It is the best view of the volcanic mountains in Madagascar. 86% of the 650 plant species in the National Park are endemic, the other part is dry forest. There are predators like pit mongooses and ring mongooses. We will stay at the Hotel Le Soleil of Tsingy Lodge, a 4-star hotel.


About 200 million years ago this unique landscape began to form. The limestone soil was pushed upwards, creating a plateau that was hollowed out by the heavy rains and over the years took on the present form of high limestone pillars.The integral reserve consists mainly of canyons, ravines, pristine forests, lakes and mangrove swamps, all of which have an amazing variety of fauna and flora. The rate of endemic species is about 85%, 47% are even locally endemic animals! The western slopes of the massif rise more gently and are mainly covered by dry deciduous forests, which are optimally adapted to the extreme climatic conditions. Also in the north the limestone profiles describe rather gentle hills, while in the south extensive elevations limit access extremely. In the middle of this difficult to access vegetation lies the beautiful Manambolo Gorge, where you can see waterfalls, lemurs and magnificent, untouched forests. The landscape here above the plateaus resembles a grass savannah. Within the deep gorges, however, the vegetation is very humid with small tropical forests and many liana plants.

Day 12: Return to Morondava (230 km)

After breakfast we return to Morondava to discover other sides of the island. Overnight stay at the Chez maggie hotel, 3-star hotel.

Day 13: Departure - Morondava - Europe

The trip to Madagascar is over, you have the possibility to relax on the beach all of this morning. After lunch you will be transferred to the airport in Morondava. You will fly to Antananarivo and on to Europe.


  • Motorcycle during the tour
  • Internal flight ticket
  • Breakfast during the tour
  • Motorcycle mechanic for safety
  • 4x4 car accompanies during the tour From 5pax in the group
  • Hotels during the tour
  • Transfer during the tour (Aeroport - Hotel)
  • Internet in the car/ Motorcycle during the tour
  • Internal flight ticket
  • Breakfast
  • English speaking guide during the tour
  • Reception in English by a madagastours guide at the airport
  • Welcome gifts
  • 24/7 telephone support in English in Ifanadiana Madagascar during the tour
  • 24-hour emergency service in English for family members during the tour
  • Map of Madagascar
  • Detailed information about the tour in english


  • Flight ticket to Antananarivo
  • Entrance to the Park
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunch & Dinner




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