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Quick Itinerary Overview


-7 days diving

- Discovery of fauna and flora like the chameleon and other animal and plant species

- Dolphin observation on the island of Sainte Marie

- Observation of the beautiful landscape during the trip

- Discovery of lemurs, the most famous animals of the island.

- Discover the culture of the Betsimisaraka ethnic group of Madagascar

- Relaxation on various beautiful beaches with sunset

- Tingue Bay of Sainte

-Marie Island


Day 1: Welcome to Ivato airport - transfer to the hotel

Transfer to the hotel. In the afternoon you can visit the capital of the island and explore the island. In the evening we returned to the hotel. After a long flight you can relax at the Hôtel Restaurant La Ribaudière Antananarivo, a 4-star hotel.

Day 2: Antananarivo - Manambato

After breakfast we drove to Manambato. On the way you can experience the beauty of the green mountain and the greetings of the plants. Overnight stay at the Hotel Les acacias Bungalow Manambato , 4-star hotel.

Day 3: Manambato - Ankanin'ny Nofy

After breakfast you will visit the town of Manambato. You will have lunch at the hotel. In the afternoon you can relax at the hotel. In the late afternoon you will be transported by motorboat on the Pangalane Canal to the Hotel Pangalanes Jungle Nofy near Ankanin'ny Nofy. The nice thing is that on the way you will discover the different architectures from the houses of the inhabitants of the Betsimisaraka ethnic group of Madagascar and of course the beautiful landscapes with mountains and nature. Overnight stay in Pangalanes Jungle Nofy Hotel, 4-star hotel.


Enjoy the warm climate by the sea with the soft beach of Manambato. Short boat trip to the Rasoabe Lake. Manambato is primarily an access point to the Pangalanes Lakes, but it is also home to a beautiful white sand beach on the shores of Lac Rasobe. This lake has a very special history, starting with the naming after the first wife. The man would have installed her on the lake to make rice fields, but in her absence she would have betrayed him. The husband, mad with rage, would then have drowned her in the lake.

Day 4: Visit the Palmarium Reserve - Ankanin'ny Nofy

After breakfast, you will visit the Palmarium Reserve with a nature reserve on a peninsula of 50 hectares. There you will observe different species of lemurs, who live in natural freedom. Additionally you have the opportunity to see other endemic species. The flora is not to be surpassed, there are magnificent plants that you will only see in Madagascar, such as the Madagascar palm, various orchids, and carnivorous plants. You will have lunch in the local restaurant and return to the hotel in the late afternoon. Overnight stay at the Hotel Pangalanes Jungle Nofy, 4-star hotel.


The Palmarium Reserve is called Ankanin'ny Nofy (The Nest of Dreams)It's located on the east coast of Madagascar on 50 hectares at the edge of the Ampitabe Sea and the Indian Ocean on the Pangalanes Channel. During your visit to the Palmarium Reserves, you can discover the famous fauna and ten species of lemurs, including the Indri-Indri, the Aye-Aye Sifaka species. About ten species of lemurs develop in complete freedom in the reserve: Indri-Indri , Sifaka, Coronatus, Varécia, Variegata, Sifaka. A rare and endemic terrestrial and arboreal fauna and a splendid flora (orchids, carnivorous plants, ebony, mahogany, rice trees), the most beautiful palm trees of Madagascar, including the rarest varieties (Dypsis, Ravenea, Orania, but also Voanioala and Lemurophoenix).

Day 5: Pangalanes Jungle Nofy - Tamatave - Mahambo (133 Km ca. 6 hours)

After breakfast you take the boat from Pangalanes Jungle nofy to Tamatave. This boat trip takes about 4 hours on the Pangalane Canal. During the trip you will enjoy the beautiful green landscape of this Canal. When you arrive in Tamatave, you will drive to Mahambo. The distance from Tamatave to Mahambo is 80 km and the drive along the coast takes about 2 hours. Overnight stay at La cigale Mahambo Hotel, 4 star hotel.

Day 6: Beach of Mahambo - Soanierana Ivongo - Sainte Marie (82 km about 3 hours)

After breakfast we will take a short walk on the beach in the village Mahambo. Then we will go to Soanierana Ivongo, from where we will take a boat to the island of Sainte-Marie, where you will discover the beautiful landscape. In arrival, you will relax in the Sainte Marie hotel. Overnight stay at the Soanambo Hotel Sainte Marie, 4 star hotel.


Mahambo has a beach and a large lagoon and vegetation. It is a small village between Tamatave and Sainte-Marie.It is expressed by its own beach suitable for surfing, one of the most famous Grand Island dedicated to these sports facilities, that makes this village special.

Day 7 to 13: Diving in Sainte Marie

Today is the day of diving. After breakfast we went diving. A diving mask can be used for diving. Under the sea there is a natural aquarium where you can admire a wonderful spectacle of corals and anemones, myriads of colorful fish, shells, perches, morays and sea turtles. To discover, it is also possible to swim and the beach invites you to lie down. We will have lunch at the hotel. In the afternoon, relaxation at the hotel. In the evening, you will spend the night at the Soanambo Hotel Sainte-Marie, a 4-star hotel.

Day 14: Sainte Marie- Antananarivo

The unforgettable journey is over. The flight to Antananarivo departs at 15.00 hrs. After breakfast you will have the opportunity to visit the center of the small island of Sainte Marie. Afterwards you will be accompanied to Antananarivo airport. Then you fly on to Europe from Antananarivo.


  • Hotel during the tour
  • Diving equipment (wetsuit, mask, diving apparatus) and diving course
  • Transport during the tour
  • Internet in the car during the tour
  • Domestic flight ticket
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner during your stay in Sainte Marie
  • An English speaking tour guide during the tour
  • Reception in English by a Malagasy tour guide at the airport
  • Welcome gifts
  • 24/7 telephone support in English in Ifanadiana Madagascar during the tour
  • 24-hour emergency service in English for family members during the tour
  • Map of Madagascar
  • Detailed travel information in English


  • Flight ticket to Antananarivo
  • Admission to the park
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunch and dinner




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