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Quick Itinerary Overview


- Adventure safari on the edge of the Indian Ocean

- Discovery of several interesting village in the east of the island

- Tour with endurance moto (self-drive)

- Observation of the beautiful green landscape during the enduro tour

- Discovery of the lemurs, the most famous animals of the island.

- Discovery of fauna and flora like chameleons and other animal and plant species

- Discovery of the culture of the ethnic group of Betsimisaraka in Madagascar

- Relaxation on the beautiful beach Ankanin'ny Nofy


Day 1: Welcome to Ivato Airport - Transfer to the hotel.

You will be met by an English tour guide and escorted to the hotel. After a long flight you can relax at Hôtel Restaurant La Ribaudière Antananarivo, 4 star hotel.

Day 2: Antananarivo - Antsirabe (170 km: 3.5 hours 170 km: 3:30 h including photo stops)

In the early morning after breakfast we will drive to Antsirabe. On the way we will discover special views with beautiful green nature in Vakinankaratra region. Also, we can observe the natives' life on the road. Most people in Madagascar are agricultural farmers and cultivate rice and other meals. We will stop at the restaurant for lunch. We will stay at the Hotel Plumeria, 3 star hotel.

Day 3: Antsirabe - Ranomafana (227 km. ca.5h)

After breakfast we will drive to Ranomafana, where the famous national park for fauna and flora of the island is located. On the way you will discover the beautiful green landscape with the unique architecture of the houses. Overnight at Hotel Le Grenat Ranomafana, 4 star hotel..

Day 4: Ranomafana

After breakfast we will walk in the park. There we will discover the fauna and flora. On well marked tropical rainforest trails we will discover ferns, orchids, medicinal plants, rosewood and other rare trees. In the afternoon we will visit the town. Overnight at Hotel Le Grenat Ranomafana, 4 star hotel. 


Ranomafana is without doubt one of the most spectacular national parks of Madagascar and together with Isalo and Andasibe N.P. one of the most visited national parks of the island. 12 species of lemurs are indigenous to the area and are easy to observe for the pleasure of the tourists. A special attraction are the golden bamboo lemurs, some of which are not far from the entrance. There are also other mammals such as 7 species of tenrecs, carnivorous bats, the Malagasy striped civet and some mongooses in the beautiful Ranomafana National Park. There are at least 115 catalogued bird species, 30 of which are endemic to this area and are at home in Ranomafana.

Day 5: Ranomafana - Mananjary (138 Km. ca.2.30h)

After breakfast we drive to Mananjary. This town has a unique beauty, because on one side is the Pangalane Channel and on the other side is the Indian Ocean. On both sides there are fishermen passing by, which is interesting to observe. On the way you will discover the green beautiful landscape. Overnight at Hotel Vahiny Lodge, 3 star hotel.


Mananjary, formerly known as Masindrano ("sacred water", a name that one of its neighborhoods still retains today), is built around a central street by the sea. It is divided by the Pangalanes Channel and is inhabited by the Antambahoaka ethnic group whose hierarchy, roughly whose hierarchy is, roughly speaking, radical: the king, or Mpanjaka, rules, supported by a viceroy, or Lefitra Mpanjaka, and everyone else forms the people, or Vahoaka. It is a small town of about 35,000 people, planted with coconut palms and bougainvillea. The town is surrounded by plantations: Coffee, vanilla and numerous spices such as pepper, cinnamon and cloves, from which the region lives. Every 7 years, the festival of circumcision Sambatra ,young children from the Antambahoaka ethnic group are circumcised to celebrate the transition from childhood to adulthood. These traditional rites give festivities - Sambatra means cheerfulness and happiness - which last for about a month.

Day 6: Mananjary - Ambohitsara (60 km approx. 4h)

After breakfast we will travel by boat about 60 km on the Pangalanes Channel. On the way we observe the transport with the pirogues which transport the local Toka Gasy ( local liquor) and the Betsa Betsa (fermented palm wine). Overnight at Auberge d'Ambohitsara, in simple but clean bungalows.


Ambohitsara has about 2000 inhabitants. The main economic resources there are rice cultivation,and fruit tree plantations, but also coffee trees, vanilla and cloves. The village is known for its mysterious statue "Vatolambo, the elephant stone". This stone elephant is a sacred monument for the villagers. According to legend, their ancestors brought it with them from Mecca. It is more likely that the stone was carved in Madagascar and then transported by river to Ambohitsara, but this does not reveal its secret or the presence of an elephant from Asia, even if only made of stone, in Madagascar

Day 7: Ambohitsara - Nosy Varika (60 km approx. 4h)

After breakfast we continue our journey to the east of the island of Madagascar to the coast of Nosy Varika. On the way there you will have a lot of adventures. With the motorcycle you will have a special unforgettable moment on this road with sand.Overnight in Petite oasis, in simple but clean bungalows.

Day 8: Nosy Varika

After breakfast we take a boat trip through the river to a beautiful place where the canal Pangalane and the sea meet, called "Vinany". After that we will go back to the town and in the afternoon we will discover other parts of the village by motorcycle. Overnight in Petite oasis, in simple but clean bungalows.


The name Nosy Varika refers to the numerous lemurs in the forests that originally surrounded the village. It is a rural community on the east coast of Madagascar and has a rich natural environment. On the outskirts of the village, one discovers the Indian Ocean with the great choice. The largest waterfall in Madagascar is the Sakaleona Waterfall, which is 200 metres high. It is located in the surroundings of Nosy Varika.

Day 9: Nosy Varika - Mahanoro - vatomandry (173 km. ca.6h)

After breakfast we start our day with a special safari and adventure trip to Vatomandry. Until our destination we will traverse the river three times with a small boat. On the way we will stop for lunch. During the trip you will discover landscapes with green nature, savannahs, sea and lake.Overnight in Casadoro, in simple but clean bungalows.


Vatomandry is located near the Canal des Pangalanes and was an important trading center in the 19th century.It is very popular with the inhabitants of the capital because the local beaches are not far away. Here you can take numerous walks on foot or by bicycle.There are good surfing spots to be explored. At Tampolo beach, there is always something going on at Tampolo beach between the many picnics and the passing fishermen's pirogues.

Day 10: Vatomandry - Tamatave (185 km. ca 4h)

After breakfast we will leave the city of Vatomandry and drive to Tamatave, where the second largest city of the island of Madagascar is located. You will drive this route with normal asphalt. You will spend the day enjoying the beautiful and fantastic landscapes. Overnight at Victoria Beach Hotel, 4 star hotel.


Tamatave or Toamasina is the largest export port on the island. Coffee, vanilla, wood, cloves and other spices are for long journeys. Next to the capital, it is the second largest city of Madagascar. It is situated between a huge beach on the Indian Ocean and Ivondro Bay. This colonial past, the old colonnaded buildings and the street names have remained unchanged.Bien Aimé square, which corresponds to Malagasy astrology with its planting of banyan plantations.Cosmopolitan city: the majority ethnic group of the Betsimisaraka lives there happily together with a Chinese community, some Europeans and Indo-Pakistanis.

Day 11: Tamatave - Ankanin'ny Nofy (about 6h)

After breakfast you will visit the palmarium reserve in Ankanin'ny Nofy by small boat. There it is possible to see around ten species of lemurs, some of them quite close to each other, including Indri lemurs, Sifakas. Overnight at the Hotel Palmarium Akanin'ny Nofy, 4-star hotel.

Day 12: Ankanin'ny Nofy

After breakfast you will have the opportunity to visit the national parks of Ankanin'ny Nofy. There you will meet the inhabitants of the island "lemurs'' and other animals. In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to relax on the beach. Overnight at the Hotel Palmarium Akanin'ny Nofy, 4-star hotel.


Akanin'ny Nofy means "the nest of dreams''. The Palmarium Reserve is called Ankanin'ny Nofy (The Nest of Dreams) and is located on the east coast of Madagascar on 50 hectares at the edge of the Ampitabe sees Lake and the Indian Ocean on the Pangalanes Channel. During your visit to the Palmaruim Reserves you can discover the famous wildlife and ten species of lemurs, including the Indri, the Sifaka and especially the elusive Aye-Aye. About ten species of lemurs develop in complete freedom in the reserve: Indri, Sifaka, Coronatus, Varécia, Variegata, Sifaka. A rare and endemic terrestrial and arboreal fauna and a splendid flora (orchids, carnivorous plants, ebony, mahogany, rice trees)... the most beautiful palm trees of Madagascar, including the rarest varieties (Dypsis, Ravenea, Orania, but also Voanioala and Lemurophoenix).

Day 13: Ankanin'ny Nofy - Andasibe (140 km approx. 4h)

After breakfast we will drive to Andasibe, where the national park and beautiful natural environment is located. You will have the opportunity to encounter the extraordinary winding roads, which are suitable for motorcycle.Overnight stay at the hotel Vakona Forest Hotel, 4-star hotel.


The Andasibe Mantadia National Park was founded in 1989 and covers two areas with its 154 km2. Both parts belonged to the same wet forest and were divided into two parts due to human activities. You can discover different flora and fauna in this park, especially what makes Madagascar so unique. In the Andasibe Mantadia National Park orchids, (screw) palms, the heavy precious wood rosewood and the "peeling tree" Vakoana as well as all kinds of endemic colorful flowers grow. Three quarters of the 1200 plant species are found only here in Andasibe Mantadia National Park. Most of the trees bloom all year round. In addition, the small rivers are home to some endemic fish and hundreds of insects, including some exceptionally large and colorful butterflies. The Indri-Indri is the star of the national park. Furthermore, there are day-active (Diadem-Sifaka, Black and White Vari and the Grey Bamboo lemur) as well as night-active lemur species (the small mouse lemur and the Aye Aye (finger animal) as well as the Fossa, the Brown Maki and the Eastern Wool lemur. You will also encounter a variety of birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Day 14: Andasibe - Antananarivo (143 km ca.3:15h) - Europe

After breakfast you will have the opportunity to explore the surroundings with beautiful nature before flying home. After lunch you will drive to Antananarivo airport. From Ivato Airport you will fly to Europe.


  • Motorcycle during the tour
  • Inlands Flugticket
  • Breakfast during the tour
  • Motorcycle mechanic for safety
  • 4x4 car accompanies during the tour From 5pax in the group
  • Hotels during the tour
  • Transfer during the tour (Aeroport - Hotel)
  • Internet in the car/ Motorcycle during the tour
  • Internal flight ticket
  • Breakfast
  • English speaking guide during the tour
  • Reception in English by a madagastours guide at th
  • Welcome gifts
  • 24/7 telephone support in English in Ifanadiana Madagascar during the tour
  • 24-hour emergency service in English for family members during the tour
  • Map of Madagascar
  • Detailed information about the tour in english


  • Flight ticket to Antananarivo
  • Entrance to the Park
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunch & Dinner




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