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Quick Itinerary Overview


- 9 days diving

- Discover of many beautiful islands of Madagascar with wonderful beaches and beautiful panorama

- Discovery of the best island of Madagascar - island Nosy Iranja with turquoise of blue water

- White beaches with calm bathing lake

- Diving on several islands

- Relaxation and repose time on the island of Nosy Be

- Discover chameleons, lemurs and the culture of the island


Day 1: Pick up from the airport and transfer to the hotel.

Our tour guides will welcome you at the airport and then take you to La Ribaudière, 4-star hotel.

Day 2: Antananarivo – Nosy Be – Nosy Tanikely

After breakfast we take a plane to Nosy Be. In Nosy Be we take the boat to Nosy Tanikely. Discover the diverse nature and animals underwater. When we arrive there, we can relax and enjoy the warm sea and the soft beach of Nosy Tanikely. You will spend the night in Nosy Be – Villa Orchidee, 4-star hotel.

Day 3: 7th : Nosy Tanikely

During this day after breakfast we go diving. A diving mask can be used for diving. Under the sea there is a natural aquarium, where you can admire a wonderful spectacle of corals and anemones, myriads of colorful fish, shells, perches, morays and sea tortoises.You can also swim and the beach invites you to lie down. We will have lunch at the hotel. In the afternoon,we have time to relax at the hotel. In the evening you will spend the night in Nosy Be – Villa Orchidee, a 4-star hotel.


But under water there is much more to see: The colorful, still completely intact coral gardens reach to a few meters before the beach, and accommodate an unbelievable abundance of fish, starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers and other sea creatures. Between huge corals, there is a large variety of plants and animals. Whole shoals of fish pass by dazzlingly colorful, and with the underwater camera you so-metimes don't even know where to take pictures first.

Day 8: excursion and diving in Nosy Komba

After breakfast we drove to Nosy Komba to dive. You will have lunch at the hotel. The day before was only dedicated to the visit of the Marine Reserve but today also, to discover the Nature Reserve of Nosy Komba, because after lunch you will enjoy the beautiful green nature in this park. There are lemurs and also small birds to watch. Overnight stay in Hotel Nosy Be - Villa Orchidee , 4-star hotel.


There is peace and quiet as there are no cars or electricity. The beauty of nature and the sweetness of life make it an extremely attractive place. Nosy Komba is known for its many small and inhabited beaches as well as for its emerald-like water. Nosy komba is a small jewel of nature, which is increasingly visited and becomes a mirror of its bigger neighbor Nosy Be. It is the home of many Makis, a variety of lemurs, also called Macaco.

Day 9: Excursion and diving in Nosy Sakatia

Off the west coast of Nosy Be lies Nosy Sakatia, a small and quiet island called the Island of the Orchid. On the island there is a wonderful dive site. Its attractiveness lies mainly in the forest paths where you can discover wild orchids, bats, chameleons and other animal and plant species. You can get there by boat or canoe, it takes about 5 minutes. There is a possibility of accommodation on site. It is a very quiet little island, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful beaches of the place and relax with the sound of the sea. You will spend the night at Nosy Sakatia- Danae-Beach, a 4-star hotel.


Nosy Sakatia is quiet and tiny, it is part of a protected ecosystem and famous for its orchids. It is an easy place to wander around and has several beautiful beaches. Snorkeling is excellent here and there are some excellent dive sites off the island, including a sanctuary for green turtles. The island is located just off the west coast of Nosy Be.

Day 10: Nosy Be

Today we will relax on the beach. Overnight stay in Hotel Nosy Be- Villa Orchidee , 4-star hotel.


Nosy Be Madagascar's number one beach destination. The island of Nosy Be offers all the best ingredients you expect: soft white sand, turquoise water and wonderful seafood. With its sunny climate most of the year, it is a paradise for water activities. Diving is the main attraction and there are many opportunities for swimming, snorkeling, sailing and fishing. If you are tired of marine landscapes, you can move on to the hilly landscapes of the little explored hinterland. In addition to the brilliant Parc National Lokobe, there are ylang-ylang and vanilla plantations, crater lakes and waterfalls, as well as miles of difficult roads that can only be reached on foot or by quad bike.

Day 11: Excursion in Nosy Lokobe

Today you will discover the nature reserve of Nosy Lokobe. There are medicinal plants and from different tropical and rain forests to visit, as well as the fauna and flora. You will stay at Hotel Nosy Be- Villa Orchidee, a 4-star hotel.

Day 12: Diving in Nosy Mitsio

After breakfast we take the boat to Nosy Mitsio to dive. You will spend the night in Nosy Be- Villa Orchidee, a 4-star hotel.


Nosy Mitsio is an island in the Indian Ocean, which belongs to Madagascar. It is located about 35 km west of the main island, off the coast of the province of Antsiranana, in the Strait of Mozambique. Together with the island of Nosy Be and some other small islands, it forms an administrative district in the Diana region.

Day 13: Excursion and Diving in Nosy Iranja

Yes, the unforgettable dream trip through this beautiful island is almost over. But today you still experience the most beautiful place on Paradise Island. After breakfast we will start an excursion in Nosy Iranja. The beach of Nosy Iranja is waiting for you. This is simply a beautiful beach. Here you can dive and relax. You will stay overnight in Nosy Be- Villa Orchidee, a 4-star hotel.


Nosy Iranja consists of two smaller islands: Nosy Iranja Be and Nosy Iranja Kely. These areas are connected by a thin, 2 km long sand strip. At low tide you will make full use of the space, but watch out for the rising tide ! Enjoy the beauty of the landscape, the turquoise water surrounding the lagoon, reflecting the sunlight and making the sea sparkle. This peaceful place will delight those who seek relaxation and a change of scenery. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy all the water and land activities you desire !

Day 14: Nosy Be – Antananarivo – Europa

The journey is over. You still have half a day to visit the town of Nosy Be as well as the market and the Mont Passot, because the flight to Antananarivo will be at 15.40. This means that you will be accompanied to the airport in the afternoon. You will arrive in Antananarivo at 5:15 pm and fly on to Europe.


  • Hotel during the tour
  • Diving equipment (wetsuit, mask, diving apparatus) and diving course
  • Transport during the tour
  • Internet in the car during the tour
  • Domestic flight ticket
  • Breakfast
  • English speaking tour guide during the tour
  • Reception in English by a Malagasy tour guide at the airport
  • Welcome gifts
  • 24/7 telephone support in English in Ifanadiana Madagascar during the tour
  • 24-hour emergency service in English for family members during the tour
  • Map of Madagascar
  • Detailed travel information in English


  • Flight ticket to Antananarivo
  • Admission to the park
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunch and dinner




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