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Quick Itinerary Overview


- Adventure live in front of the ocean Indian

- Beautiful exotic yellow beaches in an island Sarodrano

- Discovery savane with exotic viewDiscovery of the Mangroves View

- Diving and snorkeling

- Discover the culture of the south coast of the island, Vezo Ethnie

- Discovery of Fauna & Flora such as Chameleon and other animal and plant species

- Discover several exceptional islands of southern Madagascar

- Discovery of the lemurs


Day 1: : Welcome to Ivato Airport Transfer to the hotel.

You will be picked up by a guide and accompanied to the hotel. In the afternoon the discovery of the capital of the island. In the evening return to the hotel La Ribaudiere,4 stars Hotel.


You will visit the former Royal Palace Rova of Madagascar. This is one of the famous historical cultures of Madagascar during the colonial period, executed by the monarchs of the Kingdom of Imerina in the 17th and 18th years and the monarchs of the Kingdom of Madagascar in the 19th. It is located at an altitude of 1462 m on the highest elevation of the capital, the Analamanga, and is thus almost 200 m above the quarters of the lower city.

Day 2: Antananarivo – Ranohira

Visiting the place where sapphires on earth are taken.Overnight at Hotel Ranohira, Isalo Ranch Nuit, 4 stars hotel.

Day 3: Ranohira

Visiting the place where sapphires are taken to the ground. Spending the night at the Hotel Ranohira. Hôtel Isalo Ranch Nuit .4 star hotel.


Ilakaka used to be an anonymous village, without any history. But since 1998, when one of the largest sapphire deposits in the world was discovered here, the houses have been springing up like mushrooms. The "blue fever" has broken out. After the sapphire deposits were discovered, 20,000 to 50,000 people came here and stayed. This mining jungle deserves special attention because it represents the other side of Madagascar. This is a rare opportunity to get to the bottom of the mysteries and enigmas of the blue stone, the consequences of which are often terrible.

Day 4: Ranohira – Toliara

The journey continues to Toliara. Overnight at Hotel Toliara In the evening, we will stay at Bakuba Hotel, 4 star hotel.

Day 5: Toliara - Anakao

The journey continues to a bay with a village of the same name on the southwest coast of Madagascar.Overnight stay Hotel Anakao Atlantis Madagascar, 3 Stars Hotel.

Day 6: Visit the Mangrove Island Sarodrano

The adventure continued. After breakfast, we will visit an island named Sarodrano. There we will discover extraordinary views with yellow fine sand. We will also have a look at mangroves. Later in the afternoon we will return to the hotel. Overnight in Hotel Anakao ocean lodge, 3 star hotel.


The floristic zonation is visible in spite of mangrove samples: Sonneratia alba at the level of the lower Lake; then Rhizophora mucronata and Bruguiera gymnorrhiza; Ceriops tagal; finally Avicennia marina at the level of the rocky masses located at the base of the cliff. Sarodrano hinges at the dead cliff that forms the lower part of the great escarpment that limits the Causse de Belamotra. It is surmounted by dunes with little vegetation. It is thought to have been established late 2,000 years ago B.P. (Battistini, 1995). On the cliff side, freshwater resurgence can be observed. The mangrove develops there over a width of 150 meters between the Bina cave and the Grande Source. At the edge of the sandy spit, one can see the remarkable homogeneity of the mangrove: Avicennia predominates but leaves the place to Ceriops in the undergrowth.

Day 7: Excursion to Saint Augustin

Discover the view from the rocks of Saint Augustin on the river Onilahy and the sea, the flamingos at the mouth, with a little luck the "Maki-Lemuren" and the Humblot heron. Overnight stay Hotel Residence Éden ecolodge, 5 star hotel.


Saint Augustin - Sarodrano is a 14.8 km round trip near Toliary II, Atsimo-Andrefana, Madagascar. It passes by magnificent viewpoints. Due to the gradient and distance, the route can be considered moderate. It is an excellent place to go hiking and take a trip into nature

Day 8: Back to Anakao

The journey continues to the coastal fishing town of Anakao, a small, beautiful fishing village that stretches over a long beach about 40 km south of Tulear. Overnight stay at Hotel Anakao, Ocean Lodge,3 star hotel.

Day 9-11 : Anakao- Dive and enjoy the beach

You spend the day in the beautiful paradise. You can dive and relax on the beach, the landscape there is fantastic. Overnight stay in Anakao at Ocean Lodge Hotel, a 3 star hotel.


During the colonial period Anakao was a busy fishing port, and this is still the main occupation of the villagers today. Just after dawn every morning you can see the fishermen setting sail and dozens of tiny sails fluttering across the water. Anakao has some beautiful beaches, and off the coast lies Nosy Ve. This tiny island has a white sand coast and is home to hundreds of tropical birds. The reefs of Anakao offer good diving and surfing opportunities. While snorkeling you can see a myriad of fish, including surgeonfish, angel fish, butterfly fish, groupers and rays.

Day 12: Visit the Park Nosy Ve

The Red-tailed Phaeton is an endemic species of the island and makes the place truly authentic and peculiar.On the way you can watch the whales. Overnight stay in Anakao, Ocean Lodge, 3 star hotel.


Nosy Ve (also written Nossi-Vey or Nosy Ve during the French colonial period) is a small coral island three km off Anakao in the extreme southwest of Madagascar with lonely white sandy beaches and low green with little shade. Local fady (taboos) have left the Nosy Ve unscathed and provided a safe nesting place for many red-tailed tropical birds, allowing them to approach at close.

Day 13: Visit the National Park Tsimanampetsotsa

After breakfast we will drive to Tsimanampetsotsa National Park. This park offers diverse exotic views. There we will discover a salty lake with dry earth. The lemurs and other birds such as flamingos are looking forward to your visit. There we will have lunch and in the late afternoon we will return to the hotels. Overnight at Hotel Anakao Ocean Lodge. 3 star hotel.


Among the 39 species of reptiles, the ray turtles are among the most important in Tsimanampetsotsa National Park. They are endemic to this region and unfortunately extremely endangered and threatened with extinction. Due to the chemical composition of the salty lakes found there, no fish can actually survive in them. Apart from birds, there are 12 species of mammals, including the extremely rare and endemic local Grandidierii mongoose and four species of lemurs.

Day 14: Toliara to the airport

The unforgettable journey is at an end. The flight to Antananarivo will leave at 9:30 h. You will have breakfast earlier and then you will be accompanied to the airport. This flight will be around 2:00 hours. From Antananarivo, you will fly to Europe.


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