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Crater Camp on Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro climb will be really unique adventure if someone considered sleeping on the Roof of Africa. At 5730 metres, The Crater Camp on Mount Kilimanjaro is an almost untouched and unvisited wilderness. Considering it’s only 5% of whole population of approximately 50 thousand climbers each year that overnight in the Crater Camp that what makes it Unforgettable & unique experience for anyone who is highly fit and with excellent acclimatization.

Despite of the Camp considered to be worse with Altitude Sickness that knockout most of the Climbers but if you are well-prepared and backed up by very experienced guides: if you are warmly clothed and strongly housed, warm tents during a restless, uncomfortable night, the headache you will inevitably suffer will be repaid by amazing Experience of a mind-changing, beautifully landscape, totally unexpected on an Mountain.

Whilst everyone else is heading back down with little time to explore the Kilimanjaro rooftop, you can enjoy the summit and go down into the Kilimanjaro crater where your camp will have been set up. You will explore the remaining glaciers in the crater and visit the still smoking ash pit before getting to the Western ridge to watch the sunset. You will also be rewarding with view of remaining Glaciers in the crater, the still smoking ash pit and amazing sunset before being the first one to visit the Eastern ridge for sunrise.

To minimize the dangers we only offer the option of sleeping in Crater Camp on the Machame route, Lomosho route. You will also spend more time at the summit itself before descending down into the crater to sleep, following the golden rule of acclimatization – ‘climb high, sleep low

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